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Tamara Bohlig

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

About Tamara

Product and business line manager turned integrated marketing executive helping public and private companies position themselves for domestic and international growth. Drawing on mid-market to Fortune 50 leadership to help Venture Capital (VC) - and Private Equity (PE)-backed companies in growth mode and transition (e.g., start-up turnaround, acquisition, pre- and post-IPO).

Tamara’s B2C, B2B, and B2B2C marketing and product experience has helped drive billions in aggregate revenue and accumulated assets under management for companies at the intersection of technology, financial services, and consumer products. Her unique approach integrates instinct and experience with data-enabled decision making to drive positive results and successful outcomes.

Industry Experience

  • Financial Services
  • Finance Technology (Fintech)
  • Investment/Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Insurance Technology (Insurtech)


  • Growth Strategy
  • Corporate Communications
  • Market/Consumer Insight
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Product Management & Marketing

Business Wins

  • Marketing 250+ products and 100+ platform services, driving billions in revenue.

  • Developing, launching, and/or managing 30 enterprise and consumer products/services representing $2B in aggregate revenue and $75B in accumulated assets under management.

  • Positioning companies across 3 acquisitions/integrations, 2 funding rounds, and 1 IPO for audiences including analysts, investors, customers, employees, and the media.

  • Building or turning around 7 organizations (marketing, product management, client experience) – inspiring and managing 60-member teams through as many as 6 direct reports.

  • Accountable for P&Ls up to $50M and operating budgets up to $15M.

Executive Marketing Experience

  • Founder, Spark CMO, LLC
  • Chief Marketing Officer, SmartBiz
  • Chief Marketing Officer, AssetMark
  • VP, Client Experience, Charles Schwab 
  • VP, Special Business Development, Charles Schwab
  • VP, Product Management, Charles Schwab Investment Management
  • First Vice President, Statement Marketing, JPMorgan Chase
  • First Vice President, Partnership Marketing & New Product Development, JPMorgan Chase

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