We are growth change agents.

We are C-suite leaders on a mission to solve complex problems and disrupt how businesses effectively grow. 

As a group of diversified Chief Marketing Officers from top global companies, we started The CMO Syndicate with the vision of creating a company which personified our personal values -- a world where businesses thrive from a holistic viewpoint and a brain trust of diverse knowledge. With our decades of combined C-level experience and subject matter expertise, we knew 1 + 2 = 5.

We also knew we wanted a culture that drove high performance for clients and a collaborative environment for ourselves. We knew CEOs, CMOs, VCs, and PE firms increasingly needed to increase revenue and profitability rapidly. We know successful business growth for clients also requires a holistic look at the business, including the P&L. 

Our Purpose.

To provide clients with instant access to a diverse group of proven global CMOs who rapidly accelerate business growth and profitability.

Our Values.

  • Diversity of knowledge provides the best solutions. We value diverse experiences.
  • Time matters to us and our clients. We value time.
  • Marketing impacts all areas of a business’s P&L. We value a holistic viewpoint.

Our Promise.

Accelerate the growth of your business with a syndicate of proven CMO experience that fits where your business is today and where it will be as you grow.

CMO Syndicate in Short

  • Proven Chief Marketing Officers
  • Instant availability
  • Focus on growth & results
  • Rapid work pace
  • Top talent from top companies
  • B2C, B2B, NGO and DTC
  • Holistic business focus incl. P&L
  • Data & best practice driven
  • Braintrust of knowledge
  • Global presence
  • Complex problem solving
  • Ready to execute
  • Track record of results
  • Your success is our success

Skilled for Success

What is a fractional CMO or outsourced CMO, and how are we different? Our diverse, hands-on, global team of interim or part-time C-level leaders have the critical skills to identify and fix the gaps in your performance, accelerate your revenue growth, and increase profitability. Our collaborative, syndicate approach provides you with not just an outsourced CMO but a better and faster solution.

C-Level Experience
Data Driven
Growth Marketers
Execution Focused
Customer Champions

Meet our Team of CMOs from the World’s Top Companies

Tamara Bohlig

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

Tamara Bohlig helps VC-/PE-backed, early- and mid-stage start-ups to Fortune 50 companies in the fintech, financial services, and banking industries position themselves for growth.

Lisa Bratkovich

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Lisa Bratkovich works with direct-to-consumer and omnichannel brands to increase revenue and profit using best practices in go-to-market strategy, acquisition, retention, subscription, and business model monetization. 

Lina Calia

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Lina Calia has enjoyed a 35+ year career integrating new marketing strategies and technologies for business growth. She orchestrates measurable marketing solutions driving growth for B2B, B2C, and DTC brands. 

Shayne De la Force

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Shayne De la Force has an international career of growing mid-market industrial technology, advanced manufacturing, packaging and semiconductor companies to uncover growth opportunities and accelerate sales. 


Lisa Gunther

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

Lisa Gunther is a general management marketer and strategist who works with travel and hospitality, CPG, and durable clients to accelerate sustainable business growth.

Nozi Hamidi

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Nozi Hamidi works with industrial manufacturers & distributors, water and energy industry to define strategy, strengthen branding, professionalize pricing systems and accelerate growth opportunities.  

Bronwyn Heys

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

Bronwyn Heys is a global CMO who unlocks insights and strategy to drive forward brands, innovation and customer experiences for business growth.  

Tony Kempa

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing, Business Development, and Operations executive who has orchestrated and contributed to the growth of several privately held professional services companies.

Faisal Laljee

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

A commercially-driven, marketing, communications and brand strategy leader, with a track record of delivering profitable growth for scale-up digital businesses through brand-building, customer acquisition and retention.

Muriel Lotto

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

Muriel Lotto drives growth strategy and execution for consumer-oriented companies, with deep expertise serving leaders in consumer goods, fintech and gaming.

Ani Matson

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Ani Matson helps clients make core transformations in marketing strategy and operations to power growth through digital advantage. 

C. David Minifie

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

David Minifie partners with clients to unleash long-term growth by focusing on key foundational elements to inform business strategy, brand strategy, organizational design, & culture. 

Nick Papachristou

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

Nick Papachristou is a journeyman marketer, having served in a wide range of leadership functions including product management, digital/performance marketing, customer experience, research and as CMO in both B2C and B2B businesses across the country.

Brad Pitts

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

Brad Pitts is an accomplished Chief Marketing and Experience Officer who drives growth through innovation and creativity. With expertise in data-driven omnichannel strategies and customer experience, he delivers exceptional results for his clients.

Sofia Ramirez

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

Sofia Ramirez helps Global Fortune 500 and startups achieve sustainable growth in FinServ, FinTech, Mobility, and eCommerce. Empowers teams with brand, product, and digital marketing strategies using a consumer-obsessed, analytical, scientific, and agile approach.

Nathalie Trouillot

Associate, Chief Marketing Officer

Nathalie Trouillot is a CMO/CEO coach, marketing strategist, and brand expert who drives global business growth, architects B2B, DTC, and B2C success, and shapes organizational design and culture. 

Jennifer Welch

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Layne Welch is an accomplished Brand and Marketing Strategist specializing in growing B2B businesses by differentiating value propositions. 

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