Customer and Positioning Clarity

Who are you?  
I’ve been working a lot lately with the concept of positioning.  
It’s easy to forget how important the basic elements are when building a growth plan for a company. 
A past client lacked all aspects of positioning, and for a good reason. The organization had grown steadily through tight sales management and marketing played little more than a window dressing role within the organization. 
But they had gone through a period of growth slow down.  They couldn’t hire enough qualified sales resources with an established network to continue their double-digit growth. They were reaching maturity with that phase of growth.  Their CEO had hired us to help them unlock growth through marketing.  
In one of the initial meetings when we started to talk about how they wanted to be perceived, the executive team had different ideas about how they saw the company.  
As a strategic marketer, as soon as you hear disagreement on fundamental topics like this you know there is some work to be done. 
My next question focused on their knowledge of who their ideal company (ICP) and customer profile were.  
Once again, the executive team has vastly different definitions, and what made for a profitable customer.  
Not only did they not have clarity on who they served, but they weren’t able to express why that audience should care.  
What started as an engagement looking for revenue growth turned into a renovation of their marketing strategy and how it laddered up to their business strategy.   
Once we had agreement on the basics and implemented them across their channels the leads started flowing in.  Sales pipeline stage conversions were increasing. In fact, they were receiving more qualified inbound contacts than ever before, because they were talking with clarity and conviction.  
Getting clear on who you are as a company, and who you serve allows the organization to focus on what will truly drive revenue growth, extracting the maximum potential out of your sales teams and marketing investment.


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