Is it me? Hard questions for each of us

Every CEO embarks on their journey with a potent mix of vision, tenacity, and often, a gut-driven belief in their business concept. It's exciting to watch and thrilling to be a part of.

These intrinsic qualities frequently become the driving force behind initial successes and milestones. But as companies evolve, the landscape becomes more intricate, laden with challenges that demand more than just instinctual navigation.

There comes a pivotal moment in every leader's journey where introspection is crucial -

Is my intuitive approach, which once catalyzed growth, now inadvertently stalling it?

Is the balance between instinct and informed decision-making skewed?

In my article, "Am I Getting in the Way of Growing My Business?", we peel back the layers of leadership decision-making, the evolution of growth strategies, and the paramount importance of melding intuition with expertise.

We'll explore the nuanced realm where passion meets metrics and where CEOs can ally with CMOs to ensure that the flame of growth remains ignited, even in the most complex phases of business evolution.

Grab your mirror and let's get started,

Jennifer Layne Welch, CMO, Co-Founder


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