Muriel Lotto on the Destination CMO Podcast

As a fractional CMO with over three decades of proven results, CMO Syndicate Associate Muriel Lotto shares her experience in working for some of the most global organizations in the world, how to balance international vs. local marketing approaches, centralization vs. decentralization of marketing teams, short and long term success metrics and team problem solving to stay relevant and credible in an ever-changing environment.

With over 25 years experience in international consumer and business marketing, Muriel has worked both client and agency side in France, Switzerland, the UK and the US in renowned companies such as Nestle, Unilever, Royal & SunAlliance, Bupa, Western Union and recently Sightline Payments.

In the podcast, Muriel and host Vincent Phamvan talk about how to balance the need for efficient and consistent marketing with adapting to local needs and cultural context. They also discuss the pendulum between centralization and decentralization of teams and decision-making. They debate the need for a shared framework around data sharing and key success metrics when 2 companies partner together to reach an end consumer and finally wrap up with talking about how a leader needs to own the problem but not the solution and how to problem-solve as a team bringing together different styles, different skills, different perspectives to find better solutions.

Destination CMO with Vincent Phamvan | Muriel Lotto

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