The Newest Key To Growth: Resilience?

Resilience is no longer just a defensive skill; it’s an active force driving growth and innovation.
A recent Deloitte study showed roles with “resilience” in the job title grew 405% from 2019 to 2022.
A pivotal shift is underway as companies recognize resilience as the newest key to growth. This shift is not only redefining traditional approaches but also highlighting a critical quality that leaders must possess.
As organizations evolve from the complexities of digital to the complexities of AI, the typical notion of resilience is also expanding. Beyond reactive measures to protect the bottom line, there is a growing emphasis on proactive strategies that fuel growth.
While the demand for resilience-focused roles is evident, organizations face challenges in seamlessly integrating growth into their strategies.
Harness the growth potential of resilience by taking several proactive steps:
1. Leadership Market Advantage: Actively seek executive leaders and resources with resilience.
2. Dynamic Scenario Planning: Embrace dynamic scenario planning, utilizing advances in generative AI to continuously analyze future states and adapt strategic plans in real-time.
3. Consensus on Growth-Oriented KPIs: Establish metrics that emphasize resilience as a driver of innovation and market growth and align the entire organization around growth objectives.
4. Focus on Future-Oriented Definitions: Define resilience through a growth-oriented lens by selecting specific areas where the organization aims to excel in the future
How resilient are your leaders and growth strategies?


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