We're Doing CX Wrong...And How To Get It Right

We cannot underestimate the critical relationship between brand promise (marketing) and brand delivery (customer experience). The brand promise is articulated around customers needs and wants (the what), the brand touchpoints (the where and when) and the brand beliefs (the why). If the brand promise is not delivered through what customers actually experience, this can create a gap that negatively impacts brand reputation, customer satisfaction, retention and growth. This gap may be due to a capabilities shortfall in terms of customer experience delivery, behavior or perception.

I read this book recently and it really resonated with me. In his book titled 'We're Doing CX Wrong...And How To Get It Right', Nicholas Zeisler really drills into the concept of aligning customer experience and brand promise. This is something that I have worked on and advocated for tirelessly and passionately for many years.

I have developed an entire framework and approach around this and Nicholas and I, through our shared philosophy but also our pragmatic and practical approach can help if you feel that there's a disconnect between your marketing and your CX teams or your brand promise and your brand delivery!


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