What Types of Companies Need an Interim or Fractional CMO?

Do you ever wonder what types of companies should hire an interim or fractional CMO?

The answer is simple. Fractional CMOs can benefit many companies, from startups to established businesses. Here are some types of companies that might particularly benefit from hiring a fractional CMO:

1. Small and medium-sized businesses: Fractional CMOs can provide smaller businesses with access to marketing expertise that they might not be able to afford full-time.

2. Startups: Startups often have limited resources and may not have a dedicated marketing team. A fractional CMO can help develop and execute a marketing strategy to support the startup in gaining traction and growth.

3. Companies undergoing a major change: Companies undergoing significant changes, such as a merger or acquisition, may benefit from the expertise of a fractional CMO to help navigate the transition.

4. Companies with limited marketing expertise: Companies that do not have a dedicated marketing team or whose current team lacks specific expertise may benefit from a fractional CMO's knowledge and experience.

5. Companies with a short-term need: Companies with a specific project or short-term need, such as launching a new product or entering a new market, may benefit from a fractional CMO's focused attention on the project.

Overall, any company that wants to improve its marketing efforts but lacks the budget or needs a full-time CMO may benefit from hiring a fractional CMO.


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The CMO Syndicate is a diverse group of world-class Chief Marketing Officers who rapidly solve growth and profit problems for CEOs, VCs, CMOs, and PE firms. As global CMOs from the world’s top companies, The CMO Syndicate is not a traditional marketing consulting agency, and we are not typical marketing or growth consultants. We are growth experts and operators who actually do the work on a part-time or project basis as outsourced fractional and interim CMOs.

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