Fractional CMOs, Authentic Leadership, a quick History of Marketing, and Toilet Paper: David Minifie on the Destination CMO Podcast

As a fractional CMO with over two decades of proven results, CMO Syndicate Associate Dave Minifie shares his experience in managing a career, driving business growth, and understanding the rapidly changing landscape of today’s marketing environment.

Starting his career in the military, Minifie has successfully translated the leadership lessons of the US Marine Corps into corporate America. He started his marketing career at Procter & Gamble, spending a dozen years working on half a dozen brands in the US and Globally. He transitioned to the healthcare space shortly after the Affordable Care Act passed to show how the discipline of brand management can drive growth and improve user experience in a sector not known for brand differentiation.

In the podcast, Minifie and host Vincent Phamvan talk about career progression, leadership, authenticity, and how to understand when personalization matters, and when working with broadly targeted segments makes more sense. They also discuss what a fractional CMO does, and why it makes sense for some businesses and brands to use them. A fractional CMO is someone who can work on strategic assessment, limited projects, or on a part-time or interim basis for an organization that needs immediate, experienced help, but may not require a full-time CMO, or may not yet have the resources to carry the costs associated with a full time executive.

Destination CMO with Vincent Phamvan | David Minifie


About The CMO Syndicate

The CMO Syndicate is a diverse group of world-class Chief Marketing Officers who rapidly solve growth and profit problems for CEOs, VCs, CMOs, and PE firms. As global CMOs from the world’s top companies, The CMO Syndicate is not a traditional marketing consulting agency, and we are not typical marketing or growth consultants. We are growth experts and operators who actually do the work on a part-time or project basis as outsourced fractional and interim CMOs.

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