Good News: The Future of Work Called... Humans are Still Needed!

Excited about AI? Worried about having a job?

Technology is becoming smarter every day. People everywhere are wondering about the future of work…

The good news is, the future of work called and human are still needed.

However, there will be disruption and changes.

While the need for certain occupations and responsibilities will shrink, the need for others will grow.

So, the future of work will be more about job transitions, responsibility changes and skill development vs. any wholesale loss of jobs.

And, according to recent research and expert insights, certain unique human qualities cannot be replaced by machines or algorithms (at least not yet!). What are these qualities? Creativity, empathy, adaptability, and critical thinking.

So, what is expected to happen?

• By 2030, 30% of the hours in the U.S. spent on more clerical-type work could be automated 
• The need for basic cognitive and simple manual skills will decrease
• Office support, customer service, and food service employment is expected to decline the most
• Professions in business, management, healthcare, transportation, banking, insurance, and STEM are expected to grow
• Companies will need increased employee training programs
• Employers will hire more for skills and competencies vs. credentials

While AI is a contributor to the future of work, there are also other notable factors—changes from the pandemic which become the norm, fewer workers accepting lower-paid jobs, new climate change initiatives and investment in infrastructure creating new jobs, an aging population and ongoing process digitization also creating more new jobs and requiring new skills.

Regarding AI, the key is to embrace it and understand how to enhance any current role by increasing efficiency, improving performance, and saving time. Marketing is a key area for AI benefits and companies should start getting ahead of the game now before they are left behind.

Is your company ready for the future of work? If not, we'd love to help you get a jump ahead.

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