Leading Like Lincoln

At the beginning of December I took two trips, back to back, and seized on the opportunity to start a new book on the plane ride. I had just listened to a podcast featuring the attorney and writer Jonathan Shapiro speaking about his new book, "How to Be Abe Lincoln" and chose this quick read for my trip. As a lifelong student of leaders and leadership, I found it filled with fascinating perspective and practical life-lessons.

Separately, throughout the course of my six days of travel, on four different occasions I spotted and picked up a penny. With Lincoln as the “head” it reinforced Shapiro’s observation on some of Lincoln’s attributes. Always observant, Lincoln used his two eyes to see. Always curious, he used his one mouth to ask questions. And, open-minded, he used his two ears to listen.

Some people can spend their entire life never finding money on the ground. These people are always too busy to pay attention. Often as business leaders we unfortunately act this way too: we get so caught up in our daily activity we forget to take the time to set strategy and choose priorities.

As the New Year begins, I encourage all of us to see our relationships and businesses as they really are… and to take the time to observe, ask, and listen.


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