Most CEOs Feel They Are Still a Long Way From Delivering Their Vision

CEOs’ business attitudes are continuing to move from idealism to capitalism.

A recent study shows CEOs’ top five issues are now directly linked to financial performance:

- Growth/Innovation
- Customer Experience
- Financial/Market Instability, Inflation
- A.I.
- Security/Privacy

CEOs want Marketing to achieve five core growth-related goals:

- Drive revenue with customer acquisition and retention
- Increase sales and market share
- Differentiate from competitors
- Improve brand/reputation
- Reshape the company narrative

However, most CEOs feel they are still a long way from delivering their vision.

What is the missing link?

In many companies, there is a noticeable gap between how involved Marketing is in financial matters. The study reveals that only 56% of CMOs participate in financial goal setting. The majority of mid-size companies don’t even have a CMO.

Since Marketing plays a critical role in achieving sustainable business growth, CEOs need to ensure the Marketing leadership they have in place also has an understanding of the holistic financials needed to achieve their mission-critical company goals.

How far are you from reaching your company’s vision? Do you have the right resources?


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