Never Talk Politics in Polite Company... and Branding?

I used to subscribe to the notion that one should "Never discuss politics [and religion] in polite company". Admittedly, it was much easier back in the day to avoid such conversations but with the ubiquity of social media, it is much more challenging today. Maybe you want to avoid talking politics with Uncle Bob at Thanksgiving dinner, but what about in terms of Branding?

Does it make sense for your Brand to share its values and views (political and otherwise) publicly? According to research conducted by Resonate in 2022 it just might -- "when consumers see their positions align with a brand it strengthens their identity with that brand and they are more likely to tell their friends about it in person or on social media". On the flip side, you run the risk of a Bud Light scenario in which there were boycotts and a huge decline in sales.

I'm curious what you all think. Do you think Brands should discuss politics? Would you?

Reference article: How Politics Influences Branding


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