Optimal Growth Conditions: Taking Stock of Your Garden

In the Atlanta area where several of the CMO Syndicate leaders are located, there is a lot of rain at this time of year.  It makes the environment pretty forgiving even for those who don’t claim to have green thumbs. That said, plants need to be pretty resilient to last long in the context of our busy professional and family lives.  
Of course, it isn’t just the plant that is responsible for the growth. Although it is in their nature to have a strong will to live (a tendency that applies to weeds as well), the conditions have to be right to foster sustainable growth (or “profitable” growth for the business analogy) . Plants, like businesses and people, can wither in harsh conditions and not live up to their potential.  As leaders, we must take stock and ensure that the conditions are conducive to our strategic growth plans. 
Using the analogy of the garden, let’s explore 3 dimensions through which you can take stock of your business and its potential. 
Sun: Vision and Strategy 
In a garden, the sun provides the energy for plants to grow and thrive.  Similarly, in our business settings, a clear vision and strategic direction provides energy and goals for growth. A well-defined vision serves as a beacon and can illuminate the path forward and align teams towards it.  Sunlight can be motivating and brings with it the ability to warm and wake the objects in its path.  So, too, can a strong vision that is well-communicated to customers and also employees. 
Soil: Culture and Environment 
Plants get essential nutrients, moisture, and stability from the soil in which they are planted.  In business, the same can be said about our corporate cultures. Employees should feel well-supported and that they are surrounded by resources, collaboration, and innovation.  Whether fruit, vegetable, or flower, if the soil is inadequate, the plant won’t growth and might not even survive. The same can be true of our businesses.   
Water and Air: Resources and Refreshment 
Vital for gardening, water and fresh air ensure plants receive hydration and can contribute to the ecosystem.  The parallel in the business world is financial capital, where cash is the oxygen of business.  Other key resources include access to technology and skilled personnel. Equally important can be periods of rest, renewal, and refreshment.  This summer season is one in which these often take the forefront, but it is also a time of strategic planning, where goals are refreshed for another year and resources are renewed for the pursuit. 
Looking at all these conditions holistically, we can evaluate whether our ambitions for growth are well-supported by the factors that make the growth possible. 
As experienced CMOs and business leaders, the CMO Syndicate can help you with growth assessments and provide insight to your strategic planning efforts.


About The CMO Syndicate

The CMO Syndicate is a diverse group of world-class Chief Marketing Officers who rapidly solve growth and profit problems for CEOs, VCs, CMOs, and PE firms. As global CMOs from the world’s top companies, The CMO Syndicate is not a traditional marketing consulting agency, and we are not typical marketing or growth consultants. We are growth experts and operators who actually do the work on a part-time or project basis as outsourced fractional and interim CMOs.

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