Fractional CMOs, Subscription Models, and DTC Marketing: Lisa Bratkovich on the Destination CMO Podcast

As a Fractional CMO with more than 25 years of proven results, CMO Syndicate Founding Partner Lisa Bratkovich shares her experience in driving growth strategy for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands with Destination CMO podcast host Vincent Phamvan. 

Bratkovich has been in DTC marketing her entire career. She originally worked for a large sweepstakes company where she became fascinated with the ability to measure and analyze the impact of marketing efforts. She is passionate about working in the DTC channel as it provides measurable results and insights into consumer behavior as well as supports her results-oriented and data-driven approach.

Bratkovich has also been working with consumer subscription models for 20 years. In the podcast, she highlights the financial benefits of well-executed subscription programs, including higher customer lifetime value, predictable revenue, improved budgeting, forecasting, and increased valuations. Listen to hear a common misconception that businesses have about subscriptions, and the secret to getting them right as well as when not to discount. 

Phamvan and Bratkovich also discuss fractional CMO work. A fractional CMO is someone who works as a CMO part-time or on a project basis for one or multiple companies, as opposed to traditional hands-off marketing consultants or an in-house CMO who is full-time and typically a W2 employee. They discuss the growing demand for fractional CMOs, particularly with mid-size companies that may not have a CMO on their team. Bratkovich also provides advice for those CMOs who are thinking about going fractional as well as advice for younger individuals looking to grow their marketing careers.

Destination CMO with Vincent Phamvan | Lisa Bratkovich (CMO Syndicate) - subscription business models: the secret to getting them right (transistor.fm)


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The CMO Syndicate is a diverse group of world-class Chief Marketing Officers who rapidly solve growth and profit problems for CEOs, VCs, CMOs, and PE firms. As global CMOs from the world’s top companies, The CMO Syndicate is not a traditional marketing consulting agency, and we are not typical marketing or growth consultants. We are growth experts and operators who actually do the work on a part-time or project basis as outsourced fractional and interim CMOs.

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